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VFX Services

VFX Services

We specialize in an array of servicesaimedattransforming your projects. Immerseyour audience in top-notch visual effects craftedtointernational standards. FromCroma(GreenScreen) to visual scene, Roto to matchmoving,scene compositing to 3d & digital mattepainting. Our passionate teamelevatesyourstorytelling with creativity & precision. Exploreour diverse portfolio of films,Web Series, ads,music videos showcasing the immersivequality of our services. Trust us for professional, timely, and budget-friendlyVFXthat brings your ideas to life. CollaboratewithAnmaya VFX – where innovation transformsimagination.


Our services include 360-degree chroma/VFX production, post-production, and immersive media creation.

Our studio is designed with a dedicated 180 degree &360-degree chroma/VFX space equipped with green screens, lighting, and immersive technology to create a seamless production environment.

Rental costs depend on the duration of the session and specific requirements. Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your project.

The minimum rental duration varies depending on our schedule and the complexity of your project. Contact us for more information on minimum booking requirements.

Booking a session is easy. Contact us through our website, phone, or email to discuss your project, and we’ll assist you in scheduling the session.

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