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I lacked confidence & had very poor social skills. After personal consultation from Anamya, I feel like a total different person. Can't thank them enough.

Sonia Malhotra

I wanted to be a content creator & never knew that there is a course & training for it too. I know how to go about my career. Thanks to Anamya

Myra Khan

Music is my calling. I want to learn audio mixing & how to make music. I am still undergoing my music production classes and loving it so far.

Anshuman Khatri

I am a creative person and wanted to learn cinematography details. Under Anamya, I am totally taken care of with live classes & on spot demonstrations.

Md. Arshad

I always wanted to become an actor. After attending Anaya's rigorous acting workshop I surely know how to face the camera.

Sneha Singh

Art, Entertainment & Personality Development all under one roof. This place has a very unique vibe. I took a service and now working with them πŸ™‚

Samira Srivastav

Video Production FAQs

The cost of a 3-minute Commercial video varies based on factors such as:
1. Equipment and Hardware: Quality tools increase costs.
2. Actors and Support Crew: Professional talents come at a price.
3. Pre-Production: Detailed planning affects expenses.
4. Production Cost: Filming crew and technical personnel add to the cost.
5. Post-Production: Editing, VFX, animation, and sound mixing contribute to expenses.
Voice-over costs apply if needed. While not cheap, a well-made commercial video provides longterm value and a positive return on investment by effectively promoting products, brands, or

A captivating commercial relies on essential elements:
1. Compelling Script: A well-crafted script engages the audience and conveys the brand's message
2. High-Quality Gear and Sets: Using top-notch equipment and sets enhances the visual and auditory
3. Meticulous Editing: Careful selection, arrangement, and enhancement of footage create a polished
final product.
4. Skilled Direction: A talented director brings the vision to life and ensures a cohesive visual style.
However, the true success of a commercial lies in the value and uniqueness of the advertised
products or services. Highlighting the brand's strengths and deserving attention is crucial. A
remarkable commercial can generate a positive impression, foster brand recognition, and inspire
customer engagement. Evaluate whether your brand deserves an exceptional commercial that
connects with the audience and contributes to your business's success.

An excellent commercial video brings significant benefits to your business:
1. Distinct Branding Impact: Establishes a memorable presence, attracting investors, buyers, and
2. Brand Authenticity: Strengthens brand recognition, making it easier to sell products or services.
3. High ROI: Generates impressive returns by engaging and resonating with viewers.
4. Shareability: Viral potential on social media platforms creates organic exposure.
5. Improved SEO: Enhances online visibility, boosting search engine rankings.
6. Empowered CTA: Encourages immediate viewer engagement and actions.
7. Clear Brand Values: Articulates your company's objectives, reducing lead loss due to
Investing in an excellent commercial video sets your brand apart, enhances authenticity, delivers ROI,
encourages sharing, improves SEO, enables compelling CTAs, and communicates brand values

Explainer videos have significant advantages:
1. Attention-Grabbing: Engage viewers and hold their attention effectively.
2. Increased Conversions: Inspire action and drive higher conversion rates.
3. Enhanced SEO: Improve search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic.
4. Social Sharing: Encourage sharing, expanding brand awareness organically.
These benefits make explainer videos a valuable asset for brand communication, conversion
optimization, SEO, and organic growth.

The production time for an explainer video varies based on factors such as video type, duration,
business complexity, and decision-making processes. Typically, a 60-second 2D video takes around 3-
5 weeks to produce, while a 3D video of the same duration requires 7-9 weeks

Corporate videos serve multiple purposes, primarily focused on driving sales and increasing brand
awareness. However, their applications can extend beyond these traditional uses. Corporate videos
can be leveraged creatively to engage and entertain audiences, leaving a lasting impression and
enhancing your credibility. Regardless of your marketing strategy, an impactful corporate video can
be tailored to meet your specific objectives.

In today's online landscape, where information overload can confuse consumers, explainer videos
have gained immense popularity. They serve as effective tools for providing clear explanations and
motivating viewers to invest in problem-solving products and services. To stand out amidst
competition, brands often create multiple explainer videos. Our solutions cater to diverse budgets
and needs. However, it's important to note that producing any video, regardless of format or
producer, requires time and resources.

Animation and VFX greatly enhance commercial ads by:
1. Grabbing attention with visually stunning effects.
2. Differentiating the brand and making it memorable.
3. Enabling creative visual storytelling.
4. Amplifying messaging and showcasing product features.
5. Seamlessly integrating with live-action footage.
In summary, animation and VFX bring visual appeal, differentiation, storytelling capabilities,
impactful messaging, and seamless integration to commercial ads.

Research is vital for brand shoots and scripting:
1. Brand Understanding: Research deepens knowledge of the brand, ensuring accurate
2. Target Audience Insight: Research uncovers audience preferences, guiding content creation.
3. Compelling Storytelling: Research informs the script, creating a captivating narrative.
4. Visual Direction: Research inspires visually appealing shots aligned with the brand.
5. Accuracy and Authenticity: Research ensures factual correctness and builds trust.
6. Market Insights: Research incorporates trends, consumer behaviour, and competitor strategies.
Research enhances brand shoots and scripting, delivering impactful content that resonates with the
target audience.

1. Custom Brand Sound: A music production team creates a unique and recognizable sound that
represents your brand.
2. Emotional Connection: Music evokes emotions and helps establish a deep connection with your
3. Brand Image Enhancement: Well-crafted music elevates your brand image, making it more
memorable and impactful.
4. Consistency: A music production team ensures consistent sound across all brand touchpoints for a
cohesive and recognizable brand identity.
5. Audience Engagement: Music captures attention, engages listeners, and enhances overall
audience experience.
6. Multi-Media Integration: Music can be seamlessly integrated into various media platforms,
enhancing the impact of your brand across different channels.
7. Professional Expertise: A music production team brings expertise in composing, arranging, and
producing music that aligns with your brand's vision and goals.

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