Shooting a professional corporate video requires careful planning and execution. Whether you’re making an explainer video for your business, creating a video for recruitment, or filming at an annual conference, following these tips will help you shoot corporate videos that impress.

Proper Lighting is Essential

For any type of video, proper lighting is key. For corporate videos, make sure you have plenty of natural or artificial light on your subject. This will ensure the footage is crisp and clear. Use reflectors to direct light where you want it. Invest in professional video lights if needed. Harsh or uneven lighting will detract from your video’s professional appearance.

Use a Tripod or Gimbal

Handheld footage often looks amateurish, so always use a tripod or gimbal for corporate video shooting. A steady frame provides a more polished look. If you must shoot some parts on the go, limit handheld footage to short clips.

Opt for Wide Angle Lenses

Wide angle lenses seem more professional and spacious than standard or telephoto lenses. They capture more of a scene, which helps set the proper tone for many types of corporate videos. Consider using a wide angle lens between 14mm to 24mm.

Frame Your Shots Thoughtfully

Frame your shots with intentionality.Think about what you want to highlight or emphasize in the scene. Leave space around your subject to create a more polished look. Be mindful of background clutter that can distract the viewer.

Use a Shot List and Storyboard

Especially for longer videos, create a shot list and storyboard before you start filming. This will help you organize the footage and ensure you capture everything you need. A clear plan leads to a more coherent, professional final product.

Hire Anamya Productions for Help

Anamya Productions can assist with planning, storyboarding, filming, and editing your corporate video. Their experience in filming corporate content ensures your video will have the professional look and feel your company deserves. They provide:

  • Professional cameras, audio equipment, and lighting
  • Expert talent to appear on camera if needed
  • Experienced camera operators and directors
  • Advanced editing and post-production services
Revise and Repeat Takes

Don’t be afraid to shoot multiple takes for the clearest audio and footage. Revise questions as needed. Listen back to audio between takes to ensure maximum clarity. The more comfortable your subject feels, the more natural they will seem on camera.

Use B-Roll Footage

B-roll footage adds visual interest to your corporate video. Consider filming b-roll of:

  • Employees working
  • Products or workspace images
  • Customers or clients using your product or service
  • Scenic establishing shots related to your company’s story
Edit for Maximum Impact

Corporate videos are concise and to the point. Edit out unnecessary footage, filler words, and long pauses. Keep the viewer engaged by varying shot sizes and cutting at the right moments. Add appropriate background music and sound effects. Polish the video through color correction and effects.

Following these tips will ensure your corporate videos have the professional quality your company deserves. Don’t hesitate to hire Anamya Productions for help planning, filming and editing corporate content that matches your brand’s image and vision. Professionally shot videos boost your company’s credibility and image in a powerful way.