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Shooting and Rental Space

Shooting and Rental Space

Capture moments in our state-of-the-art studio or utilize our rental spaces for co-shooting, providing the perfect backdrop for your vision.


Absolutely! We have producers that work in every genre who can guide you and your music in the right direction. You can learn more about this service and our brilliant producers by contacting us.

That’s great! To begin the process, give our Front Desk a call at 9119971113where we can discuss your project with you in greater detail. Or, you can email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours to either set up a consultation, tour or give you a quote. 

Yes, we have standard set-up for Dubbing/Re-recording including screens, headphones and microphones.

We have standard hourly rate for each of our service. To inquire about our hourly rates contact us on our company no. 9119971113.

We have variety of professional equipment that we use to record, edit, mix and master, also if any special equipment is required we can arrange them too depending upon the agreement and situation.


Our Clients say

I wanted to be a content creator & never knew that there is a course & training for it too. I know how to go about my career. Thanks to Anamya

Myra Khan

Music is my calling. I want to learn audio mixing & how to make music. I am still undergoing my music production classes and loving it so far.

Anshuman Khatri

I always wanted to become an actor. After attending Anaya's rigorous acting workshop I surely know how to face the camera.

Sneha Singh

I am a creative person and wanted to learn cinematography details. Under Anamya, I am totally taken care of with live classes & on spot demonstrations.

Md. Arshad

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