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Music Workshop

  • Introduction to Music
  • Theory- Major Scale Rule of Alphabet Rhythm
  • Application of Intervals with reference to Piano Notes and Vocal Harmonies.
  • Chords and Extention: Using more chords during Production.
  • Circle of Fifth: Introduction to strings productions.

Benefits of joining our music workshop

Music Faculty


We offer trainings related with Music, such as music production, music theory, composition, learning of DAWs, arrangement, orchestration, and more. It’s important to inquire about the types of workshops available to ensure that we offer the type of instruction you’re interested in.

The cost of a workshop can vary depending on the mode and type of lesson, the complexity and duration etc.

We’ve partnered with the best maestros, who bring a wealth of expertise and carry a great professional teaching experience.

Although basic knowledge of music is appreciated but no, you do not need any prior experience in music to enroll in our classes. We offer beginner-level courses that are specifically designed for aspirants who are new to music.

The duration of a music course depends on the level of the course and the individual’s learning pace. Typically, it can be of anywhere from two days to two weeks.

ACA gives you opportunities to work for a Production House or a Music Label as an intern or an employee if an individual shows great potential. We also conduct workshops led by renowned music artists to build your stage confidence and elevate your musical skills.

Client's Feedback

Studying music at Anamya Creative Academy has been an incredibly enriching experience. The comprehensive curriculum, coupled with the guidance of passionate and talented instructors, has allowed me to deepen my understanding of music theory, technique, and expression.

Ravi SIngh

The modules are thoughtfully designed, catering to both beginners and those with prior experience, fostering a supportive environment for growth. From mastering the fundamentals to exploring intricate compositions, each lesson is a journey that nurtures creativity and skill.


The encouragement and constructive feedback from mentors have been invaluable in shaping my musical identity. Anamya Creative Academy has truly been a cornerstone in my musical journey, fostering not just proficiency but a genuine love for music. Thanks anamya .

Abhi Rajput

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