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Cinematography Movie and Ad Film Production House

Cinematography workshop

  • Introduction to Cinematography
  • Schooling for cinematic Storytelling
  • Camera Movements and Stabilization
  • Lighting Fundamentals
  • Advanced Lighting Techniques
  • Cinematic Editing
  • Benefits of joining our cinematography workshop

    Cinematography Faculty


    The workshop primarily focuses on teaching essential cinematography skills, including camera techniques, lighting, and composition.

    The workshop is suitable for aspiring filmmakers, cinematographers, and anyone interested in gaining hands-on experience in the art of visual storytelling.

    Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras (if participants have any) or smartphone.

    While no specific prerequisites are mentioned, a basic understanding of filmmaking concepts may be beneficial. Beginners and enthusiasts are also welcome.

    The workshop is designed to be highly interactive, with a blend of theoretical sessions and hands-on exercises. Participants will have the chance to apply what they learn in practical scenarios.

    Yes, if you show good potential you will get a chance to work and assist on Film/TVC sets.

    Client's Feedback

    Enrolling in Anamya Creative Academy's cinematography course has been an absolute game-changer for me. The depth of knowledge imparted and the practical hands-on experience provided have truly elevated my understanding of the art and science of filmmaking. thanks anamya.

    Suresh SIngh

    Under the guidance of exceptional mentors, I delved into various aspects of cinematography, from mastering camera techniques to understanding lighting, composition, and storytelling through visuals. The interactive sessions and immersive workshops enabled me to hone my skills .


    Today, equipped with the knowledge and confidence gained from this program, I am ready to embark on my journey in the world of cinematography. I am immensely grateful to Anamya Creative Academy for equipping me with the tools and inspiration to pursue my passion. thanks

    Mohan Yadav

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