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Acting Workshop Module

  • Introduction to Acting
  • How to Audition for Professional Assignments
  • Learn To use your Body and Voice for Effective Communication.
  • Mime (Technique for suggesting Emotion without Words)
  • Working on Human Senses
  • Short Act
  • To improve your memory and Creative Thinking

Benefits of joining our acting workshop

Acting Faculty


This Acting workshops provide a structured environment to learn and practice acting techniques, build confidence, and gain valuable insights from professionals in the field.

Workshops often include acting exercises, improvisation, scene study, and feedback sessions to help participants grow as actors.

No, workshops cater to all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned actors, creating an inclusive learning environment.

Workshop durations vary, but they typically range from a few hours for a single session to several weeks for more comprehensive training.

Yes, many workshops are designed for various age groups, including teenagers and children, offering age-appropriate acting training.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen. Some workshops may have specific requirements, so check beforehand.

No, workshops are for anyone interested in improving communication, public speaking, or self-confidence. The skills gained are applicable in various


Research local workshops, read reviews, and consider your goals. Choose one that aligns with your interests and skill level.

Yes, if you show good potential you will get a chance to work in OTT, Short Films etc.

Client's Feedback

Enrolling at Anamya Creative Academy for their acting program was an absolute game-changer for me. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, offering a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience.


Under the guidance of their incredibly talented instructors, I not only learned the technical aspects of acting but also discovered the depth of emotions one can bring to a character. The classes were engaging, challenging, and immensely rewarding.

Ajay Singh

The supportive environment fostered at Anamya Creative Academy helped me gain confidence in my abilities. The feedback and individual attention from the instructors were invaluable in honing my skills. Thank you so much anamya creative academy .

Sneha Singh

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