Fine , Dine and Wine

Fine ,Dine and Wine!

I Posture, Poise and Deportment
• Discover elegant body language
• Learn how to sit, stand and walk feminine
• Expert advice on how to improve your carriage and add poise to your daily life
• How to use your new carriage and body language to your advantage
II Style Sense
• Create an elegant, sophisticated trousseau with a couture feel
• How to dress to flatter and enhance your body silhouette (figure)
• How to choose from a palette of colours that will enhance your complexion
• The art of accessorizing lessons on how to choose and wear appropriate and stylish
jewellery, bags and shoes
• Appropriate inner wear
III Social Etiquette
• The art of meeting, greeting and social introductions
• Discover the attributes of a sophisticated hostess and of a distinguished guest
• Learn to set a formal table – napkin arrangement
• The art of gratitude – how to write thank you notes
IV Table Manners
• Learn to understand and use flatware and glassware placement
• Restaurant manners
• The Continental and American styles of dining
• Discussion of Tea and wine etiquette
V Formal Dining Tutorial
• A luncheon tutorial at a luxury, gourmet location to test the brideâ€TMs new table
manners and ensure they are perfect
VI Personal Hygiene
• Learn to identify the skin type and the importance of personal hygiene, body, skin
and hair care
VII Make-Up Tutorial I
• A personalised shopping expedition to help the bride understand the appropriate
make-up and cosmetics for her skin type
VIII Make-Up Tutorial II
• A demonstration of several suitable day and evening make-up looks
• A personalised session to ensure that the student learns to apply the make-up
IX Hair Styling
• A demonstration on the different types of hairstyles and grooming techniques that
will suit the bride
X Food and Fitness
• Understanding the importance of being healthy and fit
• Learning the fitness formula to suit oneâ€TMs body type
• Creation of a personalised balanced and nutritious diet plan
XI The Art of Conversation

• Communication skills
• Topics to avoid
• The art of small talk
• Understanding man and woman relationship
• Art of entertaining
• Lifestyle, class and elegance
• Enjoying finer things in life
• Lifestyle and luxury culture
• Indian value system
• Parenting skills
• Stand out in a crowd
• Learning to deal with criticism
• Creating the right impression in the new home
• Developing conversational skills

Wedding preps:
• Wedding shopping help/assistance
• Wedding jewellery acc to face shape assistance
• Bridal lehenga according to body shape assistance
• Latest wedding trends
• Assistance in pre bridal photo shoots
• Post marriage wardrobe assistance

Course Duration:
Each course can be customized as per the request and requirements; hence the
duration depends on the number of modules selected. Each session is up to 2 hours.
Online sessions available